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в Вт Ноя 28, 2017 5:01 pm
We've opened CPPPT, and to the end of the week work will stop.
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Work for the end of May.

в Чт Май 24, 2018 3:24 pm
) Autoupdate is almost done, BUT!!!! there's a dilemm, in fact until the end of core writing it's almost useless. Why? Bcuz inside the project, if you divide whole project on "chunks" you can update it separately step by step (this consider only content stuff), but when you're still making core, and every new change in core changes every aspect of game (cuz it solid after compilation) - updater will update whole client. So it's useless until some stuff will be locked, finished and "closed".
2) Gludin - almost finished material unite via texture. This means that client won't load 100500 materials, it will load several materials on different meshes, that were different and had 1 texture for each other. Now they're unite and VRAM and GPU less loads profit is on.
3) New trees added on almost all Dark Elf territories (preliminary but high quality).
4) Dark Elf Village - BSP (geometry brushes) are now remade into meshes, new balanced lighting is added, and after all Gludin territories same work with materials will be done with Delf Village.
5) A new man is in crew - proger, he decided to help us with GUI stuff, and began with quite a good steps, hope he'll make it into Unreal Engine Plugin finally xD!
6) Entertaining GUI logic writing is still ON!!! We're happy to do that xD!
7) Now we have official new material collection and our painters are inspired by that and after some time in real (issues) world, solving their problems, they came back with new enthusiasm Smile. Also our painter will make a new stream on Lu4's Youtube channel, so you could see how it's done, and maybe ask some questions.
Cool YouTube channel now have 2 separate branches, with music videos and database videos.
9) Lu4.Online is on relocating, and restavration (don't be so worry it's only a site). Will be updated ASAP.
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